Here you’ll learn all the procedure to learn about editing your CV or Resume. We’re sharing the basic steps that are very easy to understand.

As all the customers are provided with the Pdf files, so there is a lot of software that helps to edit the Pdf file. But we’ll recommend you to use the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. As its very popular and easy to use, to view or edit your files and there are a lot of other options to use.

There are some of the limitations, for example, you cannot change the design. For example, you can edit any text but you can not change the design or replace the section or cannot move them here and there.

1. Choose a file to edit & Open it in Adobe Acrobat

Step 1 File Opening

2. Click right button of the mouse or laptop mousepad.

3. When your file opens, Click “Edit Text & Images” in the right-hand toolbar.

4. Now the Edit Mode is active, Now you can add or remove anything. These boxes simply tell you where there are editable text fields and act as a guide to show you where you can type your own text.

5. Add/Delete Text, Where you want. You can see the boxes where you can put extra wording or you can delete or edit some of the words. To edit text, first, place your cursor on the text you’d like to edit.

6. Check the Text Added

7. So Now we’ll change the name as shown in the picture

8. After the changes made, now click the close button

9. So here is the final look after adding/deleting Text in your CV

10. Once you have made your changes, you will need to save your file. for that click file and choose to save.